Fee Schedule

Here you can view our fee schedule. Please contact us with any questions.

ServiceFee Amount
Statement Copy$2.00per statement
Stop Payment$25.00per item
Draft Copy$2.00per item
High Yield Draft Copy$5.00per item
Draft Maintenance$2.00per month
Electronic Draft Account Paper Draft$2.00per item
Canadian Check Fee (subject to check hold)$30.00per check
Canadian Cash over $100 fee$10.00per $100.00
Overdraft Auto-Transfer Fee$1.00per transfer
Money Orders$1.00per item
High Yield Draft$1.00per item
Deposit Bags (non-locking)$2.00per bag
Deposit Bags (locking)$5.00per bag
Fax$2.00first page
    Additional pages.50each page
Photocopies.25per page
IRA Opening Fee$10.00per account
Money Line (automated telephone service)15 free callsper month
    After 15 calls$1.00per call
Domestic Wires (Outgoing)$10.00per wire
Foreign Wires (Outgoing)$30.00per wire
    Trace Requests$15.00per request
    Return Requests$30.00per request
    Amendments$30.00per request
Accounts Closed Within 90 Days of Opening$5.00per account
NSF$25.00per item
ACH NSF$25.00per item
Returned Items$15.00per item
Account Reconciliation/Research$15.00per hour
Levy Processing$20.00per levy
Dormant Account$2.00per month
Returned Statement$3.00per statement
Coin Counter (Dexter & Guilford)3% member*6% non-member*

Effective as of 7:30 AM on July 19, 2018. Fees subject to change

*Coin Counter fees benefit Maine Credit Unions’ Campaign for Ending Hunger