Automated Fraud Alerts

Automated Fraud Alert (EnFact) Phone Calls, Texts, and Emails.

You may receive an automated phone call or email if any suspicious activity occurs when using your debit card. You will have the option to state whether this activity is fraudulent or not.  If it is fraud, it may temporarily block your card.  If not, your transaction will be approved.

Sounds Good! How do I sign up?

This service will call you using the primary phone number we have on file.  Because of this, please verify that we have your correct cell phone and/or landline on file.  Emails and text alerts are scheduled to begin on May 23rd. You can opt out of any of these services by calling 877-253-8964 or 888-806-6920.  If you choose to opt out, MHFCU will still continue to contact you regarding fraud alerts during business hours.

  • To receive text alerts, please watch for a text message which will be sent to you on May 23rd. It will say:

MAINE HIGHLANDS FCU Card Fraud Alerts activation text. Reply YES to confirm your enrollment, HELP for help, STOP to cancel texting.  Msg&Data Rates May Apply.

  • When you reply YES, you will be enrolled and will begin receiving text alerts whenever suspicious activity occurs on your debit card. It will then say:

MAINE HIGHLANDS FCU Fraud Alerts. Thank you for enrolling.  Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel.  Msg&Data Rates May Apply.

  • Once you enroll, if/when suspicious activity occurs on your debit card(s), you will receive the following text(example):

MAINE HIGHLANDS FCU Fraud Alert: Did you attempt transaction on debit card ending 1234 at DUNKIN DONUTS in MA for $5.32?  Reply YES or NO. – Note: You may receive more than one alert if more than one card is affected.

  • If you reply YES, you will receive the following text:

MAINE HIGHLANDS FCU: Thank you for your response. We’ll continue to monitor your card for unusual activity.

  • If you reply NO, you will receive the following text (example):

MAINE HIGHLANDS FCU: You’ve indicated an unauthorized transaction. A temporary hold may have been placed on your card.  Pls call immediately 877-253-8962.

With this new service, automated calls, texts, and emails will be used to contact you for transaction verification.

Automated telephone calls will provide the ability to reply on your phone.

Automated e-mails will provide a phone number to call for verification

-Once enrolled, Text messages will provide the ability to reply via text.

If you confirm there is no fraud, the card will continue to be usable. If you confirm there is fraud or not sure, the call will be transferred to a representative for further assistance.  For inquiries, contact the call center at 877-253-8964 24/7 or call Maine Highlands FCU at 207-924-5544 or 888-806-6920 during business hours.

Note: Text notifications will come from the number 207-33. Our texts will NEVER ask for PIN information.